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Optical Brightener Agent KSN

CAS No. 5242-49-9

Fluorescent brightener KSN and OB-1 have similar chemical structure, but the whitening effect on polyester fiber and plastic products is better than OB-1, and the compatibility with plastic is better than OB-1. It can produce very good whitening effect, which is far from OB-1. KSN not only has excellent high temperature resistance, but also has excellent solar and weather resistance. Fluorescent brightener KSN is also suitable for polyamide, polypropylene

It is used for all plastics, especially in synthetic fibers, and it can also be used for color whitening and brightening in coatings, inks, paints and other industries.

Technical Details

Product Name Chemical additive KSN CAS No. 5242-49-9
Appearance: Yellow green crystalline powder
Purity: ≥99.0%
Melting point 335-345℃

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